VPG offer a full range of full diet products for cats.
Cats are very individual and have their own taste preferences. Obviously we bear this in mind when we develop our assortment.
To secure optimum taste, all products are tested and fully accepted by the cats themselves. Naturally our assortment meets all nutritional requirements and standards.

Our assortment includes pet food with fresh meat and other fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients improve the product quality and support the cat’s digestion.

Our assortment covers life stage ranges in all categories from premium to super premium or dietetic, and from discount to standard. All available in different shapes, flavours and sizes.

VPG also offers a range of cat snacks.

Should our customers who do not wish to invest in their own private label range, VPG may offer a complete range of products under our known house brand: 'Go Care' or 'Go Care Royal'