VPG offers a full range of complete food and snacks products for dogs.
We are specialised in complete food products and special dietary products, in the conformity with nutritional requirements of different types of dogs, e.g. puppies, young dogs, active dogs and old dogs.

Our assortment includes pet food with fresh meat and other fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients improve the product quality and support the dog’s digestion.

Our assortment covers all life stages in every category, from premium to super premium or dietetic, and from discount to standard. All available in different shapes, flavours and sizes.

VPG offers a comprehensive and innovative range of dog snacks. The range includes dry snacks, semi moist snacks, natural snacks, raw hides and munchy products.

Should our customers not wish to invest in their own private label ranges, VPG may offer a complete range of products under our own known house brands: 'Go Care' or 'Go Care Royal'