Research & Development

Our Research and Development Department works closely together with one of Europe's absolute leading pet food flavour companies, enabling palatability and acceptance of all our recipes to compete with the leading and most palatable on the market, often even a little step ahead.

Almost 40 years of experience!

VPG is proud to have one of Europe's most dedicated pet nutritionists and veterinary surgeons, Dr. DVM Kim Hesvang to manage the R&D business.

In the eighties, Dr. Hesvang was head of the largest hospital for small animals in Denmark and in the early 90’s he decided to spend more time on preventing diseases – instead of curing them – e.g. by means of optimising complete and dietetic pet food recipes.

Since then Dr. Hesvang has been developing all dry pet food recipes and seed mixtures made in VPG.

In addition to the development of recipies Kim Hesvang is overall responsible for our research and the liasion with consumer test panels.