The King of Fat Balls

At our production facilities in Aarhus, we easily produce more than one million fat balls daily, making us the world’s largest producer of fat balls. That is why our customers like to call us ”the King of Fat Balls”.

We have developed an entire range of bird feed and fat balls, which cater for a huge variety of wild birds' feeding needs.
The fat balls tolerate severe frost, while at the same time providing the birds, with essential nutrients. The fat balls are not just balls of fat, but a carefully balanced mixture of tallow and selected seeds.

Our range of wild bird products includes a wide range of wild bird seed mixtures, sunflower seeds, peanuts, fat sticks and mix-packages.
All products are available in a variety of packaging including, foil, block bottom bags, trays and buckets.

Should our customers not wish to invest in their own private label range, VPG may offer a complete range of wild bird products under the name Nature for all Seasons.